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 Connect Windows PC Printers to Google Cloud Print

Product Information

Cloud Print for Windows is a Windows PC client for the Google Cloud Print service (Video). Cloud Print for Windows registers local Windows printers with Google Cloud Print (GCP) creating virtual printers within GCP. When you use GCP to print from Gmail, Google Apps or mobile devices, the virtual printers registered by Cloud Print for Windows will be available for you to select. Cloud Print for Windows monitors these virtual printers and when a print job is submitted, it downloads the job to your PC and prints it on the corresponding local Windows printer. Cloud Print for Windows does not require Google Chrome and will monitor GCP printers even when you are not logged on.

Cloud Print for Windows also supports sending print jobs from your Windows PC to any GCP printers you have registered under your Google user name or have been shared with you by others. Upload files directly to GCP virtual printers quickly and easily. Supports Google Docs, HP ePrint printers registered with GCP or any printer with built-in GCP support.

Cloud Print for Windows includes a Windows Virtual printer feature that puts your Google Cloud printers right into the Windows printer menu. Easily print directly from Windows applications such as Outlook, Word or Excel to your Google printers. See the Cloud Print for Windows help for a detailed discussion of the virtual printer feature.

Cloud Print for Windows integrates your Windows PC with the Google Cloud Print service.

Cloud Print for Windows is available in Free, Standard and Professional Editions. The Free Edition is limited to registering one printer, one page print jobs, no printer sharing. Submitting print jobs to GCP is limited to three per day. The Standard Edition has no printer, page or submission limits but does not allow printer sharing. The Professional Edition includes printer sharing. Printer sharing is the ability to share a single printer registered with Google by Cloud Print with any number of other Google user accounts or groups. This also includes sharing virtual printers on a Windows network. Pro Edition is required to use on any Windows Server operating system.

Cloud Print for Windows runs on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, server 2003, 2008 and 2012. Requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 or later. Outgoing access to the internet on ports 80, 443, 5222 and a Google Account is required.

Cloud Print for Windows is licensed at $19.95 per system for the Standard Edition
and $39.95 per system for the Professional Edition.
Technical support is free at this time but only available by email.

Download Cloud Print for Windows version 1.6.33  (~11 mb)
32-bit:  MSI  ZIP
64-bit:  MSI  ZIP

Printer Registration Failures
All users read this before installing
All users updating to v1.6 from a previous version read this before installing
All users who installed v1.5.7 read this before installing
Windows 8 users read this before installing.
Windows XP users read this before installing
Windows 64-bit users read this before installing

To purchase a license, run the Cloud Print for Windows service controller applet and click on the Help pull-down menu. Click on Purchase License. Complete the purchase process in PayPal. Cloud Print for Windows will automatically convert to a licensed Edition when the Controller app is restarted after allowing a few minutes for processing.

Check out our YouTube Channel for getting started and how-to videos.

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Printer Registration Failures

The recent upgrade to support version 2 of the Google Cloud Print API has resulted in numerous failures to register Windows printers with Google Cloud Print. This issue is caused by the wide variation in how vendors of Windows printer drivers implement supposedly "standard" printer descriptions (XPS). With version 1.6.28 we think we have solved this problem, though some drivers might still fail to register (error 125). We will address those cases when they occur. We apologize for any inconvenience this problem may have caused.

Notice for all users

Every effort is made to ensure Cloud Print for Windows is reliable and performs as documented. However, due to the fact that Google Cloud Print is still considered a 'beta' service and the wide variety of Windows versions, configurations and network environments, problems do occur. Almost always, such problems are easily fixed...if we know about them and if we can collect trace information. So, if you encounter problems, please contact us and help us fix the problem for you and all other users of Cloud Print for Windows.

Notice for version 1.6

Version 1.6 significantly changes how Cloud Print for Windows authenticates or "logs in" to Google Cloud Print. Users updating to v1.6 from previous versions should carefully read the release notes and the online help to understand the changes. Updating users will continue to use the old authentication method to minimize distruption but are encourged to switch to the new method of authentication.

Notice for version 1.5.7

Version 1.5.7 posted Friday March 22, had a serious bug that caused the Submit Print Jobs screen to fail to work correctly for some users. Version 1.5.8 posted Sunday March 24 fixes this problem.

Notice for Windows 8 users

On Windows 8, the Cloud Print for Windows service may fail to automatically start when Windows starts up. If you encounter this problem, open the Services control panel applet (Windows Desktop) and locate the Cloud Print for Windows Service. Change its service start mode to AUTOMATIC-DELAYED START. This should correct the problem. As of version 1.5.2, the installer will set this service start mode for you.

As of version 1.5.7, printing from the applications on the Windows 8 Start Screen (also called Windows Store Applications) via the Charms Device menu is now partially supported. Some documents will print correctly and others will not due to font rendering issues. We are investigating this issue. Printing from the legacy Windows Desktop is not affected by this problem.

Notice for Windows XP users

When installing Cloud Print for Windows on Windows XP, you will see the following message displayed:

The Cloud Print for Windows virtual printer driver has not yet been submitted for logo testing, so this dialog appears. Click Continue Anyway and the installation will proceed.

Notice for 64-bit Windows users

When installing Cloud Print for Windows 1.3 or later as an update to an existing pre-1.3 installation on 64-bit Windows, you must first manually uninstall the pre-1.3 version you have. You can uninstall from the Control Panel Programs and Features applet or from the Cloud Print Start menu (1.2.6 and later). When the uninstall prompts you to 'Save your Configuration', answer YES. When the uninstall is finished you may proceed with the 1.3 install. You do not have perform this step when updating 1.3 to later versions.