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How it works

PTP stands for ‘Person To Person’ because it allows you to encrypt data files or email messages for a specific person. It uses an extended version of the RSA Public/Private key encryption system. RSA is the industry standard for secure data communications.

Once you have encrypted a file or email message for a person, even you cannot decrypt it again. You still have the original copy of course. PTP has its own system (Patent Pending) which guarantees the identity of the person at the other end. This avoids having to purchase digital certificates.

In PTP you create your own public key and send it to your contacts and they send theirs to you. PTP keeps track of these keys and you are ready to exchange encrypted messages. It's as simple as that.

PTP can also create self-decrypting files that can be sent to recipients without PTP installed. This is password based encryption which trades the security of public/private keys for simplicity.

A single PTP license may be used on more than one computer so all your systems are protected for one price.

PTP uses large encryption keys for unparalelled security. Complies with US and Internationl information security standards.

Supports compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, SB-1386 and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Supported on Windows 2000 and later.

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Email Security Made Simple.

Person To Person™ is the one-stop solution for confidential data transfer through the public internet for Windows PCs. Easily and securely encrypts email messages and/or attachments or files sent with file transfer tools. It can also be used to secure files kept on your computer.

Email is not a private communicaton between you and your recipient, as one might assume. Email messages are potentially exposed to many parties as they travel through the internet. Only encryption can preserve the confidentiality of your messages. PTP provides mathematical certainty that any file, email or attachment you send can only be read by the person it is addressed to. This is done using industry standard RSA public/private key encryption.

No Digital Certificates required

Currently available products require that you (and your contacts) purchase a Digital Certificate from a Certification Authority. This is a complex and confusing procedure.  This is why, despite the growing need for email encryption, very few people use it.

With PTP you do not need a Digital Certificate and neither do your contacts. This dramatically increases security as well as reducing setup time and cost. PTP employs a self-contained key management technology that eliminates the need for 3rd party certificates.

Self Contained Solution

PTP does not require any changes to your local, corporate or ISP mail system. No 3rd party servers are involved. PTP exists solely on your PC and the PCs of your encrypted message correspondents.

Outlook Integration

PTP works with any email client but supports direct integration with Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 to make email encryption/decryption even easier.

Self-Decrypting Files

To use public/private key encryption, you must have PTP on both the sending and receiving computers. But if your recipients do not wish to install PTP, you can employ AutoCrypt self-decrypting files. AutoCrypt files use a lower level of security based on a password you share with your correspondent. AutoCrypt files require no software on the receiving computer.

Secure Local Data Storage

Person To Person can be used to easily encrypt data files you use on your local computer. The Data Vault feature organizes such encrypted files for easy access. Keep your personal data private!

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