Simple Email and Data Security


Person To Person Products

Features of all PTP editions:

  • Supports Windows 2000 and later 
  • Extends RSA Public/Private Key Encryption
  • Includes AES (256 bits) and TDEA (168 bits) encryption options
  • Does not require you or your contacts buy Digital Certificates
  • Super-strong long key encryption, much stronger than the competition
  • Change passwords, digital signature and encryption keys instantly
  • Zero retention of secret data to disc, so no audit trails, forensics or data mining
  • Virus-proof file transmission
  • Encrypt memory stick files for safe transportation
  • Encrypt  files on CD/DVD/Floppy for mailing in post
  • No restrictions on multiple copies for your own use

Person To Person gives you state of the art encryption strength coupled with superior ease of use and low cost.

PTP Free edition

The Free edition allows unlimited decryption of signed files sent to you by other PTP users and decryption of files encrypted to yourself.

Includes the ability to encrypt files to yourself which can only be decrypted by you. This allows you to secure data for your personal use.

It includes the Data Vault, a secure container for your personal encrypted files that organizes them for easy access.

Allows you to sign files to be sent to any other PTP user.

It provides a file explorer which allows you to find and select files for signing/encryption. Selected files are encrypted to disk.

Integrated with Windows file explorer, which means you can right-click on files and folders to encrypt instantly.

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PTP Standard edition

The Standard edition adds the ability to encrypt files to be sent to your contacts as email attachments or by file transfer.  It maintains a database of your contacts and their encryption keys.

The File Explorer allows you to select files for encryption. Selected files are encrypted to disk or attached to an email with a single click. Choose a contact from your contact list to encrypt for that person.

Standard edition works with any email client. Encrypted files are sent as attachments. It is possible to leave confidential email attachments in your mail program as encrypted files for greater security. Just double-click them to decrypt and open.

Standard edition is also integrated with Windows file explorer, which means you can right-click on files and folders to encrypt and email instantly. With Standard edition you can easily check the identity of the person you are communicating with. This avoids purchasing digital certificates and their security loopholes.

For all its ease of use features PTP Standard edition is nevertheless a complete implementation of the RSA Public/Private Key Standard. By increasing the critical encryption key length PTP ensures a ‘lifetime secure’ encryption.

Standard Edition includes AutoCrypt self-decrypting files, for those cases where your recipients do not have PTP installed.

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PTP Email edition

The Email edition includes all  Standard edition features and adds integration into Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016. The effect is an extra row of toolbar icons in Outlook for direct encryption/decryption of emails and attachments.

With Plus edition you can encrypt the body of the email as well as the attachments. You can also set it up to automatically encrypt and decrypt all emails or all emails to specific contacts. Alternatively a single click will encrypt or decrypt email on demand.

With the Email edition, ease of use is taken to a new level.

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PTP Pro edition

The Pro edition includes all Email edition features and adds the ability for PTP users on a network to share contacts via a central database.

With Pro edition you can maintain a central database of contacts and their public keys and easily share those contacts with multiple PTP users. PTP users can upload their contacts to the central database for sharing with other users.

With the Pro Edition, Person To Person supports business networks.

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PTP Evaluation edition
The Free Evaluation edition of PTP includes the functionality if all editions. You may perform up to 20 encryption/decryption operations. After the 20 operations have been exhausted, the Evaluaton edition will revert to the Free edition.
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ptx Launcher
Free utility for use on computers that do not have Person To Person installed. Automatically triggers decryption of AutoCrypt self-decrypting files when they are double clicked.
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