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Person To Person license terms.

The Person To Person software product is licensed according to the license agreement displayed during installation of the product. Use of the product constitutes acceptance of that agreement and it's terms. 

Person To Person is licensed to an individual user as evidenced by the User-Identity created when PTP is installed. This User-Idenity is the key to the PTP database which contains your public/private key pair and the keys collected from your contacts. The PTP database may be copied/moved to multiple computers without limit as you are purchasing a license for a User-Identity, not a computer.

Person To Person comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Person To Person is only available in electronic download form.

Purchasing a license.

You may purchase a Person To Person license by clicking one of the buttons above to select the edition you want to purchase. Then enter the User-Identity you created when you installed PTP in the box below. Click the Buy Now button to complete your purchase with PayPal. You will be purchasing your license from our distributor, Software Devices LLC (also known as RAC Consulting). Using PayPal you may pay with a PayPal account or directly with a credit card (no PayPal account required). Your Registration Code will sent to your PayPal email address when your purchase has been reported by PayPal. This may take one or more business days. Once you receive the registration code, enter it into PTP on the Settings/Register License screen.

Your Person To Person User-Identity (REQUIRED)

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